Modern Urban Combat Tactics (M.U.C.T)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Why We Train!

Sometimes I feel it is important to remember why we train, why we spend hours Upon hours and years upon years training. It is why we do thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of repetitions. Why we run and lift weights, why we really dedicate our lives to this thing we call the martial arts. Now I don't train because I want to be a champion, or to prove how tough I am. I don't want to be the next ultimate fighter, or K1 champion. So why do I train?

In our modern society, we often hear that violence is not the answer but really violence is the only answer, please allow me to explain. We as humans are in fact inherently violent, this is not a matter of opinion it is a fact. Throughout  history mankind has killed each other, violence whether we want to admit it or not is part of our culture, there is no other species on earth that is as violent to it's own kind as the human species. So what does this have to do with why we train, well let me continue. There are only two ways to accomplish anything, there is reason or there is violence or the threat there of. What keeps people in line? It is the consequences of doing something either the punishment of violence or reason (i.e. if I don't work than I don't eat). But some among us do not succumb to reason, and use violence to accomplish their goals. In times past, it was the strongest or the best trained that could dominate and impose their will on the weaker. With the advent of the fire arm the playing fields were leveled, in reality that is about the only way a 110lb woman is going to be able to stop a 250lb attacker, is it not. The problem is that not everyone desires to or can for whatever reason carry or own a fire arm (or may not be able to use it if they do). So why do we train?
I train so that no person may infringe upon my personal freedoms, no one may impose their will upon me. I train to protect the ones I love and the weak from the threat and fear of violence. Sometimes reason will have no place when violence is needed, this is when violence is the ONLY answer. Why do I train? I train that I may not have to fear those that are bigger than I, so that while life in an urban jungle is still the survival of the fittest I will not fall prey to the wild animals that inhabit it. Every time I lift weights, hit the bag, train with a partner, do endless knife defense and counter knife drills, every time I wake and right before I doze I remind myself why I train. That is why I choose to live a martial lifestyle and not think and talk about it as a hobby, if you want to really protect than it has to be something you choose to do or not do like being a vegetarian. I really hope that the disease that is violence never touches anyone and does not spread it's infection, but it is a disease that can only be deterred and sent into remission but never cured. That is why we train!! Train hard be ready!!!

Remember Real Violence Needs Real Solutions




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