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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The reality of Knife Defense...

I was a little reluctant to write this as it was similar to an earlier post that I had written but felt compelled after hearing a conversation today about "reality" training and viewing some reality JiuJitsu techniques. Now before I start and as someone who has studied JiuJitsu in the past I DO understand that not all techniques and teachers are equal and WOULD not label anyone style as deficient, it just happened that it was a JiuJitsu instructor teaching and he repeatedly called them jiujitsu techniques. The thing that was blatantly obvious when watching these techniques is that they were empty hand techniques, and NOT designed for a blade defense, as on more than one occasion had it been a real blade the instructor would have slit his own wrists. Again not saying anything bad about the system just the techniques that were being taught. OK now on with the show.

No matter how hard you train or how many years of training you have the reality of a real attack is always a shock! You can be better prepared for a real attack then another person or may have more real world experience but it will always be a scary ordeal, ask any soldier who has been in combat or any police officer and they will tell you the same. The attack that scares me the most is one that involves an attacker or attackers armed with an edge weapon, more specifically a knife ( I do not include a machete in this category as defending against a machete is a different beast ), even more that a gun (weird I know but I feel that if the gun is close enough to grab than I am safer than if the knife is close enough to grab note this is only my opinion and you may feel completely different and that is your right). I would in writing this like to help clear up some myths and misconceptions about knife attacks and knife defense techniques. First and foremost There are NO good knife defense techniques (except to run like hell) there are only bad and worse techniques. Second you will probably not see a knife attack coming unless you are already engaged in a situation that has escalated or you are being mugged or intimidated, it will be a blind side attack or sneak attack (whatever you want to call it, also intimidation is considered compliance and may be used in a rape scenario). Thirdly a knife fight (where both parties involved are armed with knives) is not like a sword duel or fencing match (the real world is not like West Side Story), it will be fast. brutal, unrelenting and sloppy (by sloppy I mean being able to employ gross motor skills not fine motor skills). Fourth if you are the one who is going to use the knife for defense then be aware of two facts first at any time the weapon may be turned against you, so be prudent and make sure it's use is necessary. The second fact is that there may be legal ramifications for using the knife even if you are the victim, it is crazy I know but if some one throws a punch and you pull out a knife and stab them you better have a damn good reason otherwise you have used excessive force and you are going to jail. Fifth understand that getting cut  in knife fighting or in knife defense is like getting punched while boxing, it IS going to happen it is UNAVOIDABLE , so be prepared for it how bad or how many times really depends on your and your opponents level of training or lack there of.

Well that's it I have said my piece, please consider these things and do add realistic knife defense and knife fighting to your system even if you don't carry a knife that doesn't mean you won't have to use one to defend yourself ( like a home invasion). Train hard and be ready!!



  1. What is the first image from? It's being circulated on Facebook as a wounded police officer. Is that what it is?

  2. Tonya, look closely at the image. You can clearly see it is not a police officer but an inmate. His tattoos, haircut and underwear indicate he is a prisoner I'd guess in federal custody. The picture going around Facebook described him as an officer as a form of propaganda and way to manipulate the public.




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