Modern Urban Combat Tactics (M.U.C.T)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

90 x 90....The 90% Rule For Pressure Testing Your Techniques

90 x 90 is something that I have developed and implemented into my teaching as well as my thought process. I use 90 x 90 when teaching new students or giving seminars, but it is also something I use for myself when pressure testing a technique.  What 90 x 90 means is that a technique should work 90% of the time, and be able to be performed by 90% of the people it is taught too (i.e. you don't have to be Bruce Lee to jam a finger in someones eye or to strike their groin) or  it should work on 90% of attackers. Does this mean that more advanced or complex techniques won't work? Absolutely not it is just a matter of practicing them until you can do them under extreme stress and get them to work 90% of the time on 90% of your see 90 x 90! Remember that, simplicity  and ease of use is ideal for stressful situations, we want to use gross motor skills not fine motor skills. Really it goes back to Hicks law which states that fewer choices and  less thinking equates to a faster reaction time, which is  ideal for stressful situations and instant decision making. That's it!!! Simple easy and practical and as always "If You Want To Stay Clean You Gotta Fight Dirty" 

 Real Violence Needs Real Solutions

Monday, April 16, 2012

Know Your Targets

In reality based combatives / martial arts, ones goal is to quickly and effectively stop your attacker or attackers.  We are not trying to score points, a submission or even a knockout. We are looking to incapacitate, we want to do as much damage as necessary as quickly and effectively as possible as to escape, stop the attack, or stop the attack long enough to escape to safety.

Optimally we are looking for economical efficiency in our techniques and approach to training. The best way to achieve this is to know and understand what the most effective targets are. Targets really fall into two categories, Primary and Secondary. Within Primary targets are a sub group that I refer to as "your soft targets".

Friday, April 6, 2012

I.C.E Your Attacker

 I.C.E is an acronym I use when I am teaching and talking about dealing with situations or confrontations in a broad sense. I.C.E is a good acronym to teach newer students because of it's simplicity to remember. It is also a good way to introduce the concept of situational awareness and confrontation readiness and realization. So lets break down I.C.E.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Self Defense Golden Ratio 10:5:3:2

Often times martial arts systems become cluttered and confusing. What I mean is  that a system may have 20,30 or more techniques for 1 type of attack. While I believe in being absolutely thorough it has been thought that by studying so many techniques, it may cause a person to falter when it is needed most i.e. I am getting attacked what technique should I use. As well as being overloaded  with techniques, the techniques themselves are often very intricate and involved. Techniques need to be simple, effective, easy to remember and train and even easier to deploy under duress. Through research, study and practice I have come to the conclusion that my "golden ration" is a good measuring stick to use when studying, teaching or training. The ratio 10:5:3:2 is as follows;


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