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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Martial Arts and the Firearm

           People often overlook, combat shooting or discard it as not a martial arts or something that is separate from the martial arts. But the truth is that no only is it a martial art, it is an integral martial arts for the modern martial artist. Now I know a lot of martial artists that will tell me that shooting is not a martial art, or that they study because guns are tools for the unskilled blah blah blah...and a myriad of other excuses of false ideas. Many of these naysayers are the same people that expound the benefits of training with a sword. Now before you get your panties in a bunch let me say that there is NOTHING wrong with training with a sword, but please don't try and tell me that because you train with a sword that you don't need firearms training because you can use a sword or that training with a sword is reality training any other fantasy type statement like that. Unless you live in feudal Japan or medieval Europe you are not training for reality. Lets be real for a second, even if the gun is not your weapon of choice it will usually be the bad guys first choice.

              That being said you may have to do a "battlefield pickup", I mean think about it you do all those disarms in training for the instance that you might have to take the gun away from the bad guy. So lets say your training kicks in and you disarm the attacker, the idea of the disarm is two fold yes you want to stop the bad guy from using the gun be really it is to swing the odds in your favor (assuming you train disarms to retain the gun and don't throw it away like some sillier techniques). Very often you are dealing with multiple attackers. Think about it multiple armed gunmen are you going to disarm them all? So lets continue our scenario, you disarm bad guy number one but still have his armed friends to deal with and the weapon you have just taken is at your disposal, can you use it do you know how to use it? Well if you don't your DEAD. Now before you say just point and pull the trigger yes that is the idea but do you know how to cock the gun, work the action turn off the safety and have you ever had to shoot while under serious stress or grappling or running or engage multiple targets? This is where some knowledge would come into play. The chances of you getting into a sword fight on the streets 0%, the chances of having a gun pulled on you pretty substantial. If you want to be truly prepared to defend yourself in the modern world and on the urban battlefield then it is imperative that you know how to use and employ modern weapons. Hell even Miayamoto Musashi advocated understanding and learning how to employ firearms, don't believe me go and read the Book of Five Rings (Go Rin No Sho). 

             I would advocate that everyone should own a gun (or multiple guns like 1 pistol, 1 rifle and 1 shotgun) and get training to use it in a self defense situation (For those who can't own a pistol I would get a shot gun). For those that can't have a gun at all do to restrictions from the law or don't want a gun I would still advocate getting  at least some basic training in the use of the pistol. It is my belief that all modern black belt programs should have  some basic gun fighting built into their curriculum. Now I am aware that obtaining a firearm or firearms training may not be available in you area or country or what have you, so I have a list of suggestions for you. Talk to your local police force or military representatives, explain who you are and what you are trying to do and that any help or training they could provide is of great benefit to you and your students or school...etc. If this fails then there are hundreds of  good books and videos available everything from how the gun actually fires ( many hand guns are very similar in operation) to advanced combat close quarters shooting. Lastly no matter what kind of training you are able to acquire, like everything else in the martial  arts you have to practice implementing that. Whether that means live fire, dry fire, using airsoft (or traditional c02 bb guns) or practicing with the most realistic toy you can get your hands on use what ever you can and drill and train it. This all is only for your benefit and never to your detriment. Train Hard Be Ready


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  1. I agree completely that firearm training needs to be done when we try to learn self defence skills. In the US, a firearm is the most likely we will come up against followed by the knife. In Australia and the UK it is the knife that is most likely. However, the firearm is not far behind.

    Besides the likelihood, it would have to be considered the most dangerous. It is a big threat. Any person serious about self defence needs to include at least firearm defence, if not use. This goes for understanding the effects of a flying bit of hot lead and what constitutes cover.

    Good post.




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