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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Self Defense Golden Ratio 10:5:3:2

Often times martial arts systems become cluttered and confusing. What I mean is  that a system may have 20,30 or more techniques for 1 type of attack. While I believe in being absolutely thorough it has been thought that by studying so many techniques, it may cause a person to falter when it is needed most i.e. I am getting attacked what technique should I use. As well as being overloaded  with techniques, the techniques themselves are often very intricate and involved. Techniques need to be simple, effective, easy to remember and train and even easier to deploy under duress. Through research, study and practice I have come to the conclusion that my "golden ration" is a good measuring stick to use when studying, teaching or training. The ratio 10:5:3:2 is as follows;

  • 10 - Learn a minimum of 10 techniques for one attack
  • 5 - Select the 5 techniques that work best FOR YOU!!!! Drill and practice those 5 until you have them cold
  • 3- 3 of those 5 techniques you should be ultra proficient at performing and deploying
  • 2- 2 of those 5 techniques should become instinctual, you should be able to deploy them like you were going to take a breath or a step. 
And that is it, that is the golden ratio. Remember that the techniques themselves should be realistic and simple. Train hard be ready, and remember sometimes we have to fight dirty to stay clean.

"Real Violence Needs Real Solutions"

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