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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Tactical Fighting Umbrella....Say What??

Yup you read correctly the tactical fighting umbrella. The umbrella is a long used and oft forgotten self defense item. The umbrella has a long history of being used as a weapon in China (Wong Fei-hung for example was a big proponent of using and umbrella), many styles of Kung Fu actually have umbrella forms and sets in them. But using an umbrella as a weapon is not limited to only China (and Taiwan). The umbrella was also an often used and quite popular self defense  item durning the late Victorian era and early 20th century all over Europe but especially in England, France and America. It was a gentleman's weapon and was used interchangeably with the cane or walking stick. At that point in time the study of fisticuffs (arwrology) and boxing were quite popular as a past time among the higher classes.

Techniques used with sword, cane, short staff and club can easily be applied to the umbrella. The umbrella is really a great choice for a less than lethal option, and as it is unsuspecting and legal to carry everywhere it is  quite a good option for EDC or everyday carry. It is also able to provide a reach advantage to the wielder, remember that a knife will extend your reach ( in general) from 3"-10" where as an umbrella will actually double your reach. Now please let me pause and explain I am not talking about those tiny little umbrella's that fit in a glove box or purse or backpack I am talking about a full sized umbrella that is about the same length as a cane. Some umbrellas are designed to double as a cane and will often have rubber on the bottom of them as well many umbrella's will have a metal point at their ends. 

From a legal stand point I would obviously get in much less trouble using an umbrella for defense as opposed to a knife, now please understand I am not saying don't carry a knife I am saying in addition to carrying a knife and to give myself options it is wise to carry an umbrella, oh and practical too I mean it does serve a purpose besides being a weapon. So remember to take and umbrella because it just might rain.

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