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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Secret of Martial Arts!!!!!

Today is a short one but this doesn't need much saying. Lets talk about the "secret" you know the one I am talking about the thing that people look for the first time they walk into a martial arts school, the magic bullet. Well here it is the secret is that there is no secret....the way to become a "Master" is to master the basics. Fancy and flashy do not win fights. It is really a matter of repetitions, practice what will be important and discard all the rest of the crap. Do 1000 punches everyday, 1000 kicks everyday and 1000 blocks everyday, practice your techniques and train your body and mind to be strong and agile. When you can reach this level you will have learned the Secret. Now of course you can not just go out and do all of that non stop and even when you reach your goal you will still continue to improve, remember there are more than one kind of kick, punch and block. So train hard and be ready. Now that you have learned the "secret" share it with someone else.

Remember Real Violence Needs Real Solutions

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