Modern Urban Combat Tactics (M.U.C.T)

Monday, January 9, 2012

What is M.U.C.T?

      First let me tell you what this blog is not about. It is not about m.m.a, or any other sport oriented martial art. This blog is about Modern Urban Combat Tactics (M.U.C.T. for short) and reality based systems. Let me tell you about M.U.C.T, it isn't just a system or a philosophy and it definitely is NOT a sport. M.U.C.T is a way of life it is self defense, awareness and preparedness, it is how you approach situations and look at daily life. Let me give you an example.... When you go into a restaurant where do you sit? Well I sit always facing the entrance, why because I'm weird! No, it's because I'm smart. In order to see trouble walking through the door you have to be able to see the door. It is things like, many ways can I get out of here, has that guy been staring at me for more than two minutes, that car has circled the block three time already, how many things are withing arms reach in any given place that I can use to defend myself, what environmental factors work for or against me in a certain situation. That is M.U.C.T! As a system of defense or a martial art it is what is simple, effective and devastating. How can I do the most amount of damage to my attacker/attackers that is necessary to remove myself from harms way while en-curing the least amount damage to myself or the person I am trying to protect.

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