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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Rule of 3

Okay so what is the Rule of three? Well the rule of three is an old survival trick I learned way back in the boy scouts... 3 minutes without, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. But this rule of 3 also applies to urban survival situations and self defense. For urban survival always have 3 exit strategies i.e. the front door the back door and a window. But I really apply this rule to my martial arts and if you incorporate this into your training and realize that this is one of the core foundations of M.U.C.T.

        Always identify and have access to 3 things you can use to defend yourself or use as a weapon, personally I always carry a metal pen a knife and I always bring my fists and feet everywhere I go. This doesn't mean that you have to carry a knife or pen or a kubaton but be observant and resourceful.
        3 strikes for every 1 block I guess this could be considered more of a ratio, but it is still a rule of 3 and very important for the following rules of three. So if you block a kick or punch follow up with three strikes now let me clarify something first all blocks should be a strike, that being said not all the follow up shot needs to be death blows really any three strikes that will serve your purpose be it escape or incapacitation and realize that you can execute two strikes at the same time.
        3 different targets. You should never aim for the same target or do the same attack more that twice and ideally you should strike three different target even if the are in the same general area just think about how many targets are on just the head ( nose, temple, 2 eyes, 2 ears, hinge of the jaw both left and right side, mastoid). BUT remember don't become fixated on hitting a certain area hit what is presented.Which will bring us to our next point.
        3 body zones. High -head to collar bones. Middle- shoulders to waist. Low -groin and below. These are your three body zones. Consider these when attacking and defending.
        The 3 S's. Stun, Stagger and Stop. This is the escalation or the process you should take when defending. Unless your Mike Tyson don't go for the knock out from the start 99.9% chance of failure, you need to build up to it.
        3 areas when dealing with various weapons (this I will go into a lot more detail, in my youtube videos and in one of the first podcasts when I get them up and running). These areas are hot, cold and warm. Hot- representing imminent and definite danger, warm- representing possible danger and cold- representing no danger or very little.
       The rule of 3 in daily life. I try to learn three new things everyday and improve myself in three ways everyday.
        3 weapons. I tell everyone I train with and I practice and train myself in the three most common weapons ( as to not only learn to disarm but also be proficient with). The knife, the gun (both pistol and rifle and yes I consider a shot gun in the rifle family) and a stick or club ( varying in length from 16 inches to 48 inches as these will be a lot more common on the street or in a real situation as opposed to long bo staff's).

And that's it the rule of three, as it applies to the martial arts and M.U.C.T incorporate that into your training and preparation and you will be better for it.
If you like what your reading and want more of it let me know We are on google+ under Modern Urban Combat Tactics or MUCT MUCT
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