Modern Urban Combat Tactics (M.U.C.T)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Multiple Attackers

          Okay so today lets talk about multiple attackers, possibly one of the most dangerous situations to be in. This topic is not only hotly debated among martial artists but is something that a lot of martial arts just don't deal with. So today I will give you some ideas of what to do when facing more than one attacker, please remember that all situations are different and if the opportunity to escape presents itself then by all means take it.
  • First try to keep all the attackers in your field of vision, if possible keep them from encircling you or getting behind you. Identify how many potential threats and if one of them seems to be a ring leader or in charge. 
  • Meet the attacks as they come so don't chase after on particular guy or focus on only one opponent (remember this isn't a movie the aren't going to attack one at a time but usually one will come at you a split second before the others will). Usually the ring leader will be the most confident and will be the one to lead the attack don't try to fight it out with him, use an attack that will cause the most damage like an eye strike or groin kick ( at this point if you have a knife deploy it and cut or stab him as he comes at you). 
  • Use the attackers to shield you from their friends attacks, push and pull them into a position that makes it hard for them to attack you all at once. Be aware of your surroundings and use the environment to help you, you can use natural bottle necks like a doorway or objects like park benches to help you in avoiding full on attacks from all directions (sometimes backing yourself into a corner or against a wall can be a good thing, but this is a dangerous move and should not be approached without sufficient training).
  • Keep moving DON'T LET THEM SURROUND YOU!!!!! If this is possible. Remember the most devastating attack is the one you don't see!
  • Remember that if you can create an opening you should take it and run like hell.
  • And last but not least STAY THE HELL OFF THE GROUND AT ALL COSTS even if you are only fighting to stay on your feet.

Remember Real Violence needs Real Solutions


  1. Great post. I think this is something that is not addressed as much as it should be, especially if your only dealing with mma for sport.

    1. Thanks...spread the word and tell your friends you might just save their life




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